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Build to Last

For nearly 50 years Queen Screw and Manufacturing has maintained a commitment to performance and durability.

Build Quality

Our quality assurance standards are among the most demanding in the industry. We deliver on time and at the right price.

Build What You Need

We offer same-day quotes for free and make your innovations possible by building to your specifics.

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We offer same-day quotes for free and build with your specifics in mind. Request a quote today!


We currently have 60 machines in our manufacturing facility, each with a wide range of capabilities.


Our many plastic parts and assemblies are custom engineered from an array of materials.

Welcome to Queen Screw & MFG., Inc.

Specializing in the precision machining of plastic components for the medical, instrumentation, microwave, electronics, and chemical equipment industries, Queen Screw & Mfg. is the only manufacturer that adds value to your products.

With an unwavering commitment to customer success and by providing on-time delivery of products made to the highest quality standards, Queen Screw has been able to serve clients in Waltham, Massachusetts, and nationwide for over fifty years.

Offering unparalleled service and expertise through ongoing employee training, use of the most accurate and sophisticated machinery, and continuous improvement in methods and management, Queen Screw is the only choice for your next project.

We will build to the specific engineer’s drawing and provide a FREE QUOTE within the same-day.

Contact Queen Screw & Mfg. today for quality parts, built to your specifics, on time and at the right price.

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